How EVV Works, everything you need to know

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), as the term suggests, digitally records:

  • The provision of designated care services by a Tahara Health employee
  • The date and time of the service visit’s start and end
  • The recipient of the care
  • The activities performed during the service visit

All providers of Tahara Health must utilize a system that meets EVV requirements.

Typically, EVV systems are accessible via:

  1. Mobile Application (Preferred Method): Clock In & Clock out through HHAeXchange Mobile Application
  2. IVR Telephony (Landline): See the “How to Clock In” & “How to Clock Out” Tables below
  3. Key Fob Entry: Only to be use if a key fob was installed in the patient’s house (least preferred method)

Currently, Tahara Health employs the HHAexchange system for EVV purposes.

The contact number for clocking in and out is: 855-541-2466

  • Press 1: To clock in
  • Press 2: To clock out
  • Press 3: For Fob entry
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How to Clock In

1To initiate an EVV, call 855-541-2466 from the member’s authorized phone.

If you’re uncertain about which phones are authorized, please contact the EVV line by calling or texting (215) 402-6611.

Remember, only entries made from approved lines will be accepted.
2Press 1 to CLOCK IN when prompted
3Enter your Assignment Id: _____
4Verify your entry by listening to the recording repeat the number you input to ensure accuracy.

Note: If you input your Assignment ID incorrectly, the system will prompt you to re-enter your credentials.

Should you fail to correctly enter your Assignment ID after several attempts, the system will prevent you from completing the EVV, and you will need to contact your system administrator.
5If EVV is successfully activated, you’ll hear the automated message:


How to Clock Out

1To place EVV, dial 855-541-2466 from the member’s authorized phone.
2Press 2 to Clock OUT
3Enter Assignment ID: _____
Employee Clock in and out pin number ____________
4Confirm the entry
5If the EVV is placed correctly, you will hear the following automated message:
“Please enter the 2-digit ID number for the first duty performed on the patient.”
Keep in mind that the Duty ID can be either 2 or 3 digits, depending on the task.
6Enter each Duty ID. If you enter an invalid Duty ID, you will receive an alert and be prompted to enter the next Duty ID.

If you enter a valid Duty ID, you will be asked to enter the next one. To log a refused duty code when a member declines a duty, enter an asterisk (*) followed by the duty ID.
7When you have finished entering all the duties, dial 00 or 000 to complete the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). After completing this process, you will hear the following message: “Your Call-Out has been successfully registered. Goodbye.”
Client’s #Clock in and out from the client approved phone number

Tahara Health’s Clock In Policy

For all Employees:

  • All employees must clock in and out for daily shifts.
  • Schedule changes require notification to Human Resources beforehand.
  • Clocking in/out must be done using the client’s authorized number(s).
  • Manual calls on employees’ phones for punching in are not allowed, except when using the HHA Exchange mobile app.
  • Clocking in/out must occur from GPS-approved locations.
  • Missed clock in or outs must be corrected using a Timesheet form.
  • Timesheet forms must be submitted by Tuesday at noon.
  • Missed in or out notifications are sent for tardiness.
  • Missed punch notifications are sent the morning after.
  • Unapproved location or number alerts are issued for non-compliance.

EVV Duties

Duty ID #DutyCategory
115MEAL PREPPersonal care
116HOUSEWORK/ CHOREPersonal care
118MANAGING MEDSPersonal care
119SHOPPINGPersonal care
120TRANSPORTATIONPersonal care
122HYGIENEPersonal care
123DRESSING UPPERPersonal care
124DRESSING LOWERPersonal care
125LOCOMOTIONPersonal care
126TRANSFERPersonal care
127TOILET USERPersonal care
128BED MOBILIYLPersonal care
129EATINGPersonal care
132PERSONAL CARE T1019Personal care
134BATHINGPersonal care

What should I do If I don’t clock in or out for a shift?

All shifts where an employee fails to clock in or out successfully require additional verification. To ensure this, Tahara Health has a Timesheet form that must be fully completed and signed by the client. Alternatively, the administration staff will contact the client to verify the worked shift and times. If either of these processes are necessary, the employee’s payroll check may be delayed by up to 14 days. It is crucial for every employee to not only clock in and out but also keep track of their punches.

If an employee misses a punch in or out for a specific shift, they will see a red “TS” (Timesheet required) when using the app. In such cases, the employee must obtain additional verification for that shift before it can be included in their payroll. This verification process may result in a delay of up to 14 days for payment.

To get some help with clocking in and out, please click here.

EVV Responsibility

It is the policy of Tahara Health, Inc. to only provide services that are authorized by the OLTL and the PA Department of Welfare. Additional services cannot be provided without proper authorization from the consumer’s Service Coordinator and consultation with Tahara Health’s management.

All services performed will follow the Client Service Plan, which is created based on each client’s specific needs as directed and suggested by their Service Coordinator. No services that the participant refuses or does not desire will be provided.

Participants should never be asked to sign blank timesheets. If a participant refuses to sign a timesheet at the end of their shift, the office should be contacted immediately. If someone else needs to sign the timesheet on behalf of a participant due to disability or other challenge, the office must be notified. Authorization from the Service Coordinator must be obtained and recorded before taking such action.

Employees must not force clients to perform any acts that make them uncomfortable or that they do not wish to participate in. Any refusal to perform acts should be documented on the timesheet for that day.

If an employee is unsure about performing a task for a consumer, they should notify Tahara Health management to obtain approval for the action in question.

Any missed work hours that an employee wishes to make up from a previous day need to be approved by Tahara Health management. Unless the client has a flexible service schedule, unapproved makeup time will be forfeited. Approval for makeup time must be obtained from both Tahara Health management and the Client Service Coordinator.

Employees should note any changes, concerns, or participant status in the comment section at the bottom of the timesheet. If additional space is needed, the back of the sheet can be used.

Timesheets without the signature of the participant or the direct care worker are not considered valid. Similarly, any timesheet that is improperly filled out or completed incorrectly is also considered invalid and may encounter processing delays. Tahara Health cannot bill for participant services until the timesheet is valid, error-free, and legible to the Billing and Client Support Coordinator. It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure the validity of all timesheets.

  1. The work week starts Monday at 12:00 a.m. and ends Sunday at 11:59 p.m.
  2. Employees must notify Tahara Health Management before making any changes to their schedule.
  3. Clocking in is done by calling 855-541-2466 from the client’s verified number.
    • Employees cannot use the Telephonic EVV line to punch for their shift.
    • Employees must use the app with GPS location services to clock in from their phone.
    • If GPS location does not match the verified location, employees must fill out a miss punch form signed by the client before payroll processing.
  4. Employees must use the assigned Employee Assignment ID number.
  5. Upon Clocking out, employees must enter duty code id codes.
  6. If a punch is missed, a Timesheet must be completed, signed by the client, and submitted by Tuesday at 12:00 p.m.
  7. Timesheet forms can be submitted via:
    • Email:
    • Drop-off at the office Timesheet drop-off box
    • Screenshot and text to (215) 402-6611
    • Fax: (215) 509-5596
  8. If unsure of services to be provided, employees should contact Tahara Health management for clarity.
  9. All Timesheets must be turned in by Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. via email to or dropped off at the home office at 589 Bethlehem Pike, Ste 600, Montgomeryville, PA 18936. Fax: (215) 509-5596.
  10. Miss punch forms received after Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. may delay processing and payroll by up to 14 days, affecting the next pay period.
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